5 ways to get more traffic to your WordPress business blog

Do you run your own business? In these times of fierce competition, having a business blog has become one of the key elements of marketing strategies. It can help you to give your audience not only up-to-date information from the company’s life, but above all, practical advice they need. The blog is also an effective way of creating and strengthening relationships with current and potential clients. But how to run a blog that generates traffic and earns a real income? Here is everything you should know about blogging for business the right way!

Do you know that…

… blogging businesses have up to, according to HubSpot data, 55% more visitors on their websites? A blog is a really a powerful and meaningful tool, which you can use to improve your expert image and engraved it in readers’ memory. In addition, it might be an important part of positioning strategy. As stated in the White Press report, the blog can increase number of requests for offers by up to 88 %. That’s why it’s worth to learn about the most effective ways to drive traffic to a business blog on WordPress. Here they are!

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1. Valuable content — show that you are an expert

The trend has not changed for years. Customers are more likely to buy products and services from companies they trust and which, in their opinion, „know their stuff”. Publishing valuable content becomes crucial if you want to be considered as an expert in your field. When creating strategy for a business blog, make sure about factual, engaging, up-to-date and unique content that will draw your audience in. And above all, it should be useful from the readers` perspective — answering their questions, discussing important issues, bringing up current trends in the business. It’s good to collaborate on the content with bloggers and influencers who have the trust of your potential clients. This will make readers regard your business blog as a trusted source of reliable, systematically published information which are worth following up on a regular basis.

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2. SEO optimization — boost the performance of your content

The main audience of the new blog posts are its regular readers. You can change it! Search engines are a massive opportunity to create a traffic. Even though many bloggers ignore importance of SEO for a variety of reasons, you shouldn`t. This way you will increase the position of your WordPress blog in the search engine ranking. And this can help you to reach completely new group of readers and possible new clients.

When optimizing a blog post for SEO, remember about:

Do not forget to format the written article. It affects both the website’s rating by the search engine and the user`s perception as well. There is a better chance that one will read the blog post with important words in bold, specific information listed and long paragraphs divided.

3. Social media — promote your content

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A valuable content and optimizing blog posts for SEO is not enough. To increase the traffic on your company’s blog, you also need to promote it where your audience is. It means, in social media — on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. The best practice is to finish each blog post with a button that allows readers to „like it” or „share it” in their social media. Let the people know about new blog posts on the company’s fanpage as well. The more responses under that post, the greater the chance is to boost the statistics of a particular article. Which in turn will have a positive impact on the position of business blog in itself.

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4. User-friendly layout — “sell” your content

You write useful articles, optimize them for SEO and share them in social media, and yet you worry about poor statistics of the business blog? Remember that what matters is not only the content, but the appearance of the blog as well. If the blog graphic design doesn’t live up to reader’s expectations, don’t be surprised that no one wants to invest time to read the articles. Even the best content won`t appeal to users, if the blog is difficult to read comfortably.. First of all, take care of the readability — intuitive, fully understandable navigation makes it easy to find content on your blog. Not sure how to make it happen? Take advantage of the help of Codenest specialists. Remember about the high quality photos that will attract reader’s attention. Choose fonts, colors skilfully and set the contrast that doesn’t strain and distract reader’s eyes.

5. Newsletter — build a group of the best recipients of your content

As you already know, a business blog can be a great communication channel with your potential clients. To make it possible, you can use a special button at the end of each article allowing to sign up for mailing list. With its help, you will provide readers with a newsletter which includes information and promotions that are not available anywhere else. It will make it easier for you to create a solid group of loyal readers looking forward to your next blog posts. Remember however, that these actions should not be too intrusive, as it may have the opposite effect than expected.

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Listed methods will make your business blog on WordPress more friendly for both users and search engines. More traffic means better chances to grow loyal audience and convert it from readers into customers. Get to work!