5 Signs Your WordPress Website Needs a Redesign

Did you know that over 400,000 million websites are powered by WordPress and that 500 plus sites are built each day using WordPress? Interesting, right? Nonetheless, ensuring your WordPress website stays up to date is one of the crucial factors you need to consider if you want to be on top of your game.

As you know, WordPress is simply based on templates and themes which are customized or easily modified to an individual’s needs. That’s why there is no need to have an outdated WordPress website while other websites are rocking the latest trends.

Unlike earlier years, the digital world is growing in a fast way and whatever design or theme was trending six months ago may not be popular today.  Therefore, no one wants to experience a low conversion rate or high bounce rate due to an outdated WordPress website.

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So, to ensure your website stays the most powerful marketing tool, here are the 5 signs your WordPress website needs a redesign.


  1. Outdated WordPress Theme Design

In all areas of life first impression is everything and your WordPress website is no exception. That’s why in a recent survey 38% of visitors are known to lose interest with a website if the layout is not attractive. Therefore, a new design will not only keep your website up to date but also keep you on par with your competition.

Casually stalking your competition isn’t bad at all; in fact, it is a healthy way to be updated on the latest design trends. So, if you have not changed your design for years, it is time to do so.

Here are the easiest ways to find the best designed WordPress themes

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Remember, your WordPress website is mostly the face of your business. Before you even speak with prospective customers, they have already interacted with your brand through your site. As we mentioned earlier, first impression is everything and you need to capture your visitor’s attention in seconds and what better place than your WordPress website.

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  1. Your WordPress Website is Slow

Are you aware that according to Kissmetrics’ analytics 40 % of visitors will leave your WordPress website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? What about when the site takes 5 seconds to load? Sadly you increase the bounce rate by 103%? Shocking?  Well, human beings are said to be impatient and more so online searchers who don’t hesitate to abandon a website if takes too long to load.

With that in mind, the loading speed of your WordPress website should be on your mind since it has a huge impact on your business.  For instance, the loading speed will not only affect the user’s experience but also website conversion rates which can drop by 7%.

That’s not all though, the website speed determines whether users stay on your site for longer or not. Don’t forget, Google is also ranking both desktop and mobile sites according to how long they take to load. Therefore, when your website loading speed is slow, your site’s visibility will decrease thus leading to low traffic.

So, to know how long your WordPress website takes while loading, it’s wise to run load time tests then start the process of redesigning your website.

  1. Difficult to Navigate through Your WordPress Website


There is nothing frustrating to website visitors than finding it difficult to navigate through your WordPress website. That does why according to a new study by Clutch 94 % of website customers yearn for an easy to maneuver website. So, in order to achieve this, your WordPress webpage needs to be clear from start to end.

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As you know nothing is more confusing than getting disconnected at any level as your users maneuver through the pages. When this happens it is possible your website will experience a decrease in sales, visitor’s abandonment, and even a high bounce rate. That said it is essential for your WordPress website to be simple, easy to navigate and have a beautiful design.

Note that, it is unfortunate that 88 % of online shoppers are less likely to return to a website after a bad navigation experience. Therefore, make sure your website doesn’t have too many images, banners, or text in the sidebars, just include only the essentials. For that reason, a website redesign will improve user experience thus making it easier for them to maneuver throughout the pages.

  1. The WordPress Theme Isn’t Responsive to Different Devices

Since the introduction of websites, web traffic came from desktops and laptops. However, over the years mobile devices and tablets have become more and more popular when navigating websites. From the introduction of smartphones such as iPhones, Android, and window phones, a mobile-optimized website isn’t an option anymore but a necessity.

The reason behind this is that more than 50% of your WordPress website, visitors use mobile phones to access your site, and around 3% use tablets. With this kind of numbers it is critical you ensure your website is responsive to all types of browsers and devices through adaptive design.

Keep in mind, apart from satisfying your mobile and tablet users; having a responsive website puts you ahead of your competitors which ensures 40% of consumers buy from you. Most noteworthy, the ability to read a WordPress website on different screen sizes is also a major factor for search engine optimization.

  1. Security Concerns about WordPress Website

There is no scary moment when you realize your WordPress website is at risk of being hacked. Sadly, web security is one of the last factors most businesses think of when contemplating whether or not it’s time to redesign.
Learn more about how to make your WordPress website safe and secure for you and your clients. 

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In today’s digital world, cyber-attacks have become a big issue for small or big companies that there are over 50,000 unauthorized login attempts on sites hosted by WordPress every day. That’s something to worry about as WordPress is one of the main targets due to its massive user-base. Since most websites hold valuable information about their customers and clients, it is very important you always keep your WordPress website secure.

Keep in mind, a hacked website can cause serious damage to not only your revenue and reputation but also your customer’s private information. By obtaining their guarded information and passwords, the hackers can use this to install malicious software or distribute malware. What’s more, the hackers can make it impossible to access your WordPress website thus forcing you to pay a ransom.

It’s unfortunate that according to a recent survey, cybercrime will cost the world 6 trillion dollars by 2021. The most affected websites are the older ones due to them failing to be updated with the latest coding standards and security patches. Therefore, if there is any security concern of your WordPress website, then it is high time you start the process of redesigning your website.

Is It Time to Redesign Your WordPress Website?

No business wants to experience a block in their growth especially if it’s brought about by a website. Just like you maintain your physical business; it is essential you make changes to your WordPress website too. Depending on the above signs sometimes simple changes will be done while other times drastic changes are required. Keep in mind, prospective customers are known to judge your business based on their experience using your website.

So, does your WordPress website have an outdated design, taking longer to load, difficult to navigate, isn’t responsive to devices, or has some security issues?  Then it’s time to consider a redesign. For a professional website redesign simply contact us at Codenest.Co and let us analyze your WordPress website and keep your business on top of your competitors.