10 Amazing Tips on How to Choose the Best Website Images

An image says a lot more than words and can either attract your website visitors or put them off completely. That’s why it is essential to seriously take your time when selecting the images to put on your website. Nonetheless, before choosing any images, it is good first to know where to find them.

There are many sites where you can download images for free or pay to license photos for your use. Note that, with the license photos, you will have a better opportunity to choose the best and unique images available.

However, no matter where you decide to get your images, below are the 10 amazing tips to help you choose the best images for your website.

10.  Go For Uniqueness

Many businesses search for images at stock photo sites that offer a variety of photos. However, with these sites offering reasonable prices, it is easy to find different websites with the same photos. 

Therefore, to stand out and be different from your competition, it is advisable to do some research on which images to choose. This will enable you to know which images have been frequently used.

 Nonetheless, if your business can afford to schedule some photoshoots to use as images, then your website would be truly different and unique.

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9.    Choose High Quality and Clear Images

To ensure your readers enjoy perusing your website for minutes, make sure you use images with large pixels and are also high-resolution. Apart from that, it is important to keep in mind what your readers are using. This could be either a desktop or a mobile device.

With that in mind, you will definitely ensure the images you choose are perfect. Meaning they will not be too large to not fit on a mobile screen, either will they be too small to make a desktop-user squint when viewing them.

8.    Use Emotional Images

It is reported that 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. Therefore, when you use emotional images, you engage your readers more than any written text.

Nevertheless, it is always good to be mindful of your audience and what kind of emotions you are trying to evoke from them. For that reason, when selecting the images, keep in mind what message you are sending out and align with your business goals.

7.    Display Images with Real People

People love connections and are known to respond well to photos of other human beings. So, when you choose an image that includes a person, it helps your readers connect more with your product.

However, if you are using a photo with a familiar face, it is wise to choose the ones with good qualities. Note that people will associate that person with your brand. So make sure always to give them a trustworthy face to look at when they visit your website.

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6.    Ensure the Images Are Relevant To Your Business Brand and Goals

Before adding random images to your site, make sure you know their purpose. This means each image has to be relevant to your goals and overall your brand.

The best way to do this is to place them all over the website strategically. That way, your readers will get a chance to see each image placed where it is supposed to be.

 Moreover, to give a clear understanding of the image to your viewers, you can explain more by writing short texts beside the images.

5.    Use Engaging Images

To keep your visitors interested in what you have to say, choose engaging images. This will enable to capture the reader’s attention more than a ton of written texts.

No matter how you want to lay certain information using words, not all your readers have the time to read all the information. Therefore, they will definitely understand your message with an engaging image and definitely leave the site feeling satisfied.

4.    Select Call-To-Action Images

With competition becoming stiffer every day, it is essential to select images to persuade your visitors to take immediate action. With this kind of image, you will be targeting the visitors to make a quick decision to buy the products or services offered.

If you are not sure how it works, you can check out most food industry websites. This will give you a clue on how to search for images related to your field.

3.    Be keen on the Image Size

The size of an image matter; that’s why it is essential to be keen when selecting one. Although you can decrease a large image to a smaller one, you cannot enlarge a small image without distorting it, thus losing its quality.

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Therefore, to avoid this, be extra careful with the images you choose. Remember your visitors will be using different devices to visit your website.

2.    Make Sure You Test the Images

Even if you think you have found the best image, it may not be the right one for your customers. Make sure the image connects with your visitors and increases your conversion rates. It is good to test different images to get the best results.

1.    Think Beyond Your Needs

When selecting the right image, it is tempting to choose the one you like more. However, if you want to attract more users, it is advisable always to keep your targeted audience first.

This will definitely enable you to know which image will surely attract your audience and add value to the website.



Just as it is often mentioned that a picture is worth a thousand words, then choosing the best image should be done with a clear mind. Therefore, it is important to consider the above tips to get it right, even if you decide to get a qualified web designer to ensure the downloading process runs smoothly.