Laurazja is a travel agency that specialized in arranging trips for holiday travelers and tourists to fantastic locations in the world. They have been quite successful in taking tourists to places like America, Asia, Africa, etc. As it is with any ambitious businessman, they wanted to reach out to more customers via mobile devices. So we had a responsibility to make their site responsive enough for mobile devices users, as well as optimize the content to enhance traffic in this regard.

increase Revenue

increase Revenue

boost Credibility

boost Credibility

Boost traffic

Boost traffic

Original design

Original design



Advance solutions

Advance solutions

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Laurazja project facts

6 weeks
To launch live website
3 years
Of cooperation
10 unique
Wordpress templates
advance SEO


  • Using Laurazja's beautiful pictures
  • A compelling and light-weight website on WordPress
  • A user-friendly website for end-users and administrators
  • To intimate the audience of their massive achievements in tourism
  • Include all their offers in simple terms
  • Exuding the experience and knowledge of team members


Website suited to clients groups, their needs and habits

We needed to give them a site that would put them ahead of the competition, so we had to take a look at possible competitors in their niche. A fully responsive website was eventually born. Mobile device users can now access all the fantastic offers made by this travel agency. The site was also easy to navigate. Plus, we made sure we taught our clients how to do a few things on the site by themselves. We have been providing support for them for some time now.


Understanding client’s needs

First, we had to critically analyze our client′s submission as per what they wanted. There wasn′t a preferable way to do this than to engage them in lengthy discussions. From whence, we gathered all the details we needed to fit their goal.


Introducing designs suited to Laurazja's needs

Since our client was trying to showcase their market to a teeming mobile audience, it was imperative that our designs would be responsive and light-weight at the same time. It was a vigorous process because we had to balance all designs with accessibility on mobile devices. Eventually, we were able to agree on some models that aligned with our clients business needs.


The development stage focused wide-open content managment

Our developers were equally aware of the need for a mobile-driven website, so they employed every mobile development skills they had in their arsenal from the word go. After concluding with design selection, our developers did the rest on WordPress. One of their goals was to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Project review

Bounce rate and session time both improved, and sales have increased steadily for two years. Codenest proactively produced their own ideas and successfully integrated them into pre-existing plans. Although rankings can always be improved, their quality work has led to an ongoing relationship.

Mike, Co-owner, Klub Laurazja

  • 5.0
    Overall Score
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
    Score text
  • 5.0
  • Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

    We significantly improved basic analytics like bounce rate and session time. We quadrupled the number of entries from mobile devices, and sales have grown 20% a year for the past two years.
  • How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

    I find our workflow quite strong.
  • What did you find most impressive about this company?

    Codenest not only responded to all our demands, but they also offered their own solutions and improvements. Almost nothing was impossible.
  • Are there any areas for improvement?

    We’re constantly working on our SEO positions, and we need to adapt to all new versions of WordPress and its plugins.

Expected benefits

for Laurazja

75% up
credibility judgment
even 4x
growth rate
free traffic
from content marketing solutions
94% users
have better first impression
invested in UX gives $100 return
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