Focused Staffing is a high profile company that specialized in recruiting top professionals to fill vacant positions in sensitive companies. With the expertise and skill set they possessed, it was still difficult for them to impact the market. The problem was their website; it did not correctly reflect what they stand for and what they were capable of doing.

Automate processes

Automate processes

boost Credibility

boost Credibility

Original design

Original design



Advance solutions

Advance solutions

Custom WP Theme

Custom WP Theme

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Project facts

in 4 weeks
Website was launched
7 unique
Page templates
Advance solutions


  • Appealing and efficient design
  • Improve sales channel
  • Seamless integrations with CRM systems
  • Showing the advantage of the application over the competition


A Grasp of the Client′s business needs and goals

The concerted effort of our development team yielded outstanding results. We adhered to all best practices during the design and implementation stages of the project, leading us to not only deliver a high-quality product, but we equally communicated with our clients’ representatives all through. We were able also to finish the website within the stipulated deadline. These goals were only possible because of our level of experience in delivering this magnitude of the project. Adam, a staff of Focused Staffing, wrote a review about us; he had this to say.

UX/UI Design

Iterative design process focused on quality

Having identified the problem, it was down to us to restructure the website to reflect our client's image and brand accurately. We quickly introduced a set of real designs into the mix, carried out a couple of tweaks on our proposed models, and eventually we had to collaborate with our developers to implement the new models.


Agile development of Wordpress theme

The development process of the website for Focused Staffing was swift and seamless to a great extent. Our designers collaborated with our developers to flesh out stunning designs on the web pages. With every stage of the project that we completed, good design changes were quickly registered on the web pages.


Hubspot on board

A large number of leads from clients and potential job candidates required process automation. For this reason, Focused Staffing decided to use Hubspot to integrate contact forms with this system.


Special solution for better SEO and UX

The hierarchy of positions in the corporation is very extensive. This forces an extensive categorization of job offers. We used it to create small landing pages with a search engine based on Vue.js. This gave a solution that allows you to position yourself on individual jobs and show you the company's offer in detail.

Project review

While the site is yet to launch, internal feedback has been positive. Codenest.pl's expert team inspired confidence throughout the project by communicating clearly from the start. Responsiveness and high-quality deliverables are hallmarks of their work.

Adam, President of Delivery, Focused Staffing

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  • 5.0
  • What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

    The new site isn’t implemented yet, but it will help us enormously once it’s live.
  • How did Codenest.pl perform from a project management standpoint?

    They’re great. We had some delays in providing content to them from our side. They follow up regularly in order to keep things progressing, without being pushy. They’re always available for adjustments and address our concerns right away. If we’d had all the content in order, they probably would've completed the project in 3–4 weeks.
  • What did you find most impressive about them?

    They provide top shelf quality. They work fast and they get things done when they say they will be done. In addition, they’re at least half the price of any high-end design shop in the U.S. The Codenest team is approachable, and knowledgeable about recommending changes and improvements.
  • Are there any areas they could improve?

    I’m confident in how they handled our project, but I do wonder how large of a site they can create. I don’t know that they have the resources to design a site for a larger company, but I may be wrong. I do know they would be able to create a professional, beautiful, and affordable site for a midsize company.

Potential effects

What benefits Focused Staffing can expect?

invested in UX gives $100 return
94% users
have better first impression
75% up
credibility judgment
even 4x
growth rate
free traffic
from SEO friendly solutions
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