Care A Lot is a service that helps in connecting carers of the elderly and infirm with the families of such people. On the website, you can register as a potential guardian, but you can also search for guardians in your area according to many criteria. The application also allows communication between users.

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Advance solutions

Advance front-end

Advance front-end

Custom WP Theme

Custom WP Theme

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Project in numbers

over 20
Page templates
only 1 ready plugin
Rest of solution based on original code
3 techonologies
In use: PHP, Wordpress, Vue.js
2 months
of development

Main goals

  • Creating advance app based on Wordpress
  • Creating "information" part of website
  • Creating main app as second part of whole website
  • Developing complex CRM with different types of clients and relations between them


Creating project specification for the project

We were involved in thinking and determining the way the website works and the details of the entire project. Our work included analyzing the competition and the needs of users, and creating the best solutions based on this knowledge.


Development based on delivered desings

Designers based on developed specifications and UX projects at the analysis stage and have provided us with a number of graphic designs for information subpages and those within the application. Based on these materials, we've created a front-end WWW page and optimized it. The html modules and CSS styles have been prepared so that the website is easily editable and developable.


  • Creating information website based on Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  • Creating easy to develop Wordpress theme
  • Caregivers search based on Vue.js and Wp rest api connected to "app" part of website
  • Developing connections between 2 databases and 2 WordPress services to exchange some data between them


"Information" website tasks

For the safety and better operation of the entire site, we have divided the entire site into 2 separate Wordpress instances governed by their rights and obligations. The information page was designed to be quickly available to users who first learn about Care A Lot, which is why this page could not have an extensive database and complex code.

CRM Tasks

  • Creating extensive CRM with many options of filters, taxonomies, tags
  • Developing distance counter between users based on zip codes
  • Developing multi-step and extensive register form based on Vue.js, VueValidate, Wp-rest API and ACF PRO
  • Developing multi-step search form based on Vue.js, VueValidate, Wp-rest API

CRM development

Developing custom CRM and related functions

One of the most important tasks was to create an extensive CRM in Wordpress system to administer the caregiver and client base. The multi-step and extensive registration form allowed for gathering a lot of information about users. This information had to become filters, categories, tags that the administrator could use to find the best caregivers for the clients.

App tasks

  • Creating custom my account pages
  • Creating settings pages
  • Creating option to administrate relations, jobs established between users
  • Developing custom messenger feature

App development

My account pages development

The second instance of Wordpress containing CRM was connected to the application, which was available to users after the registration and verification process. This part of the website allowed independent administration of relations between users and communication.

Project review

The website works well and greatly benefits the client. Codenest takes the time to fully address every question and concern. Their broad technical capabilities, impeccable customer service, and personal investment in the project enable them to deliver high-quality solutions in a timely manner.

Eric Co-Owner, SAN MEDIA

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  • 5.0
  • Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?

    The effects of our work are confidential, but they are very good.
  • How was project management arranged and how effective was it?

    Our cooperation is based on constant, dynamic contact. Because of this client's requirements, timely completion is important. Codenest's full involvement in the project has been visible from first contact to implementation.
  • What did you find most impressive about this company?

    Codenest and its CEO value high-quality communication and customer service. They make time for their clients rather than handling issues as quickly as possible.
  • Are there any areas where they can improve?

    They could improve their development speed a little.

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